Bonner Program Application 2019

The Bonner Foundation seeks to transform students, communities, and campuses through service.  The Bonner Program at Centre College is comprised of 60 diverse students who are passionate about making a lasting impact through community service and civic engagement. The Program includes 30 Bonner Scholars who are select students committed to community service and demonstrate high financial need. The Program also consists of 30 Bonner Leaders who are students that have been awarded Federal Work Study and are interested in making service a priority during their Centre experience.  Bonners are matched with nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies that align with their interests in social issues and, for four years, serve 8-10 hours a week.  Bonners are also required to attend weekly meetings on campus and participate in various leadership trainings and skill-building workshops.  

The Centre community benefits from the Bonner Program because of the culture of service created and social issue awareness that permeates different social groups and academic interests.  Bonners greatly value and respect the brave space to share ideas and to dialogue thoughtfully.  Bonners are uniquely transformed through the personal and professional growth that comes from membership in the Bonner community and regular engagement in experiential learning through service.

All members of the Bonner Program are committed to diversity, inclusion, social justice, international perspectives, spiritual exploration, civic engagement, and community building.
Bonner Scholars Benefits:
•  Bonner Scholars will receive a $26,000 annual scholarship contingent upon successful completion of school-year academic service requirements.
•  Bonner Scholars are required to participate in two summer internships at nonprofit organizations of their choice anywhere in the U.S. or abroad. During each summer of service, Scholars receive $2,500 for living expenses and an earnings stipened. 
•  Upon four years of successful completion of the Bonner Program, the Bonner Foundation awards $2,000 toward student loan reduction.

Bonner Leaders Benefits 
• Bonner Leaders who are eligible for Federal Work Study may be compensated at an hourly rate for their service. 
• Bonner Leaders are able to participate in summer internships at nonprofit organizations of their choice in anywhere in the US or abroad. (limited funding available)

Bonner Scholars and Leader Expectations
•  Bonners commit to complete an average of 8-10 hours of service a week (140 hours per semester) during the academic year. These hours are made up mainly of direct service at a community organization.
•  Bonners commit to approximately 2 hours per week of training sessions, enrichment workshops, retreats, and weekly seminars that address social issues and teach tangible skills. 
•  First year Bonners participate in a New Bonner orientation prior to the Centre College new student orientation, as well as a week-long service trip at the end of the school year, typically immediately after graduation.
•  Participation in the Bonner Program is much more than simply completing the required service hours.  Bonners are part of a community that strives to cultivate and maintain a service-minded culture both on campus and in Danville. 
You are invited to apply for admission into the Bonner Program and should carefully consider the commitments and benefits that accompany acceptance into the program. Upon completion of your Bonner application, based on your demonstrated financial need determined by the FAFSA and Centre Aid Form, you will be considered for either a Bonner Scholar position or a Bonner Leader position. Bonner applications are due by February 1st, 2019. Upon review, finalists will be invited for an on-campus or skype interview with the Bonner Program Leadership Team. Scholars and Leaders will be notified by Mid-March. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sara Morency at 859-238-5358 or at

*Applicants are highly encouraged to attend the Diversity, Leadership, and Service Weekend on February 15th-17th.
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 *The Bonner Program and varsity athletic sports at the College are both examples of student involvement that enrich the educational experience. In recognition of the significant expectations and demands placed on a student by each of these commitments, students are encouraged to consider carefully their decision to participate in both a varsity athletic sport and the Bonner Program.
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